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The Challenge

Manny Chata, Th.B, DD
President - Founder

First Filipino Pastor of a Congregational Church in Los Angeles, CA (1970)

Victor Chata, BS, BA

Staff Human Resources Manager, UCLA

Jean Phillippe Baud, MBA, Treasurer
Senior Business Analyst, Blue Shield

Dr. Mike McKinney
, Pres. World for Jesus International and Promise Christian University

Dr. William Schultz
Pastor Emeritus Valley Christian Center, San Dimas

Advisory Board

Chris Malahay, D.D
Bible Teacher and Missionary, Lancaster CA

Dr. Michael Norris, DC
Lancaster, CA

Pastor Rob Schneider
Senior Pastor Shalom Christian Ministries, Palmdale, CA

Grace C. Baud, BS, BA
Public Relations
Pharmaceutical Rep. 
LA County

Rachel C. Rosen, BS,BA
R.E. Broker, Owner
Antelope Valley, CA

Assist to Sell

Adelle McKinney, Th.D.
Promise Christian University, Pasadena, CA


A Challenge to the Believers

Be a hometown missionary, either "short term or long term as well" when you go home to your home town for a visit

The following people have done "hometown missions" and some are still hometown missionaries:

Nap and Cheryl Bartolome, long term missionary of the Presbyterian Church in Carson, CA.  They are not ministering in La Union and Cavite provinces.

Pastor Ike Arzadon from Gardena, CA.  He has been going back and forth to minister in Pangasinan province.

LIta Libatique of Grace Chapel, formerly First Baptist Church of Lancaster.  She first went home with her late husband, Jess Libatique to visit Jess' hometown, Dagupan City, Pangasinan 7 years ago.  Moved by the spirit of God, the two started a hometown missions involving their church and its members.  It is ongoing today.

Melba Mendavia of Frontier Ministries, Los Angeles, CA.  She first started as a "short-term hometown missionary" when she went home for a visit; but as the spirit of the Lord led her; she resigned from her job at Kaiser Permanente and went back to the Philippinrs as a full-fledged long term hometown missionary to her province of Pangasinan and Northern Luzon.

A couple from L.A. went home to the Philippines last year as "Balik-Bayan."  They came back to the U.S. with the good news that as "short term hometown missionaries" to their hometown of Pampanga, a family's home has been opened to a Bible Study.  Now the couple are supporting a fast growing church in Lubao, Pampanga.

Dr. Cris and Mamie Malahay of Lancaster Christian Ministries have been "short term hometown missionaries" to their province of Negros and Easter Visayas.

Manny and Letty Chata have also done "short term hometown missions" to their loved ones in Manila and Zamboanga, Mindanao.

Be a "hometown missionary" either short term or long term as well.  With the help of the people mentioned above, an "open door" for evangelism can be initiated.

The "hometown missionaries" have developed relationship with local pastors and workers who are willing to help organize evangelistic meetings in different cities and towns.  This will need the prayers and financial support of friends, churches and believers from here.

With pastors and speakers coming from the U.S. there will always be a greater impact - why?  Because the U.S.A. has been generous and good to the Filipino people for more than 100 years.  As a nation, we were liberated from Spain and later from Japan during World War II.

Please share this to your friends and help us pray that doing "short term or long term missions."  We can help establish the kingdom of God.  Matt. 3:2, John the Baptist preached: "Repent for the kingdom of God is at home."  Luke 13:2, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth; but except you repent, you shall likewise perish."  John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotton Son that whosoever believeth him should not perish, but have everlasting life." 

We can truly occupy until Jesus comes.


For More Information Contact:

Home Town Missions for Christ International
1550 E. Kings Rd., Palmdale, CA 93551
Tel: (661) 947 3943
Internet: mannychata@yahoo.com


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