pastor  and Mrs. Lee Wheatley Sr.
Founders and Pastors

invite you and your family to
experience the JOY of Christian fellowship
at Joy Christian Center.

A single act of kindness
like a stone tossed in a pond,
sends rings of ripples outward
that travel far beyond
and joining other ripples,
flow outward to the sea;
A single act of kindness affects eternity.

  A liver transplant recipient, a former alcoholic
a young man gone awry, God transformed Lee 100%
and today he is one of San Gabriel Valley's leading pastors.

Pastor Wheatley's  tremendous testimony of 
God's mercy and His saving and healing power will touch your hearts 
and the hearts of the hardened sinner.
Pastor Lee is available to come and minister to your church.
Please call him at (626) 357-1878

His life story is being written, "SCARED STRAIGHT."