October 1, 2010

Dear partners, friends and family:-

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Even though much time has passed since my last newsletter, that time has been filled with the sweet  promise of dreams hoped for since childhood!

Pastor Fred Kundu and Mama Julie.jpgThe two months I spent in Kenya were amazing!!  I was in the town of Kimilili, which is in the Rift Valley close to the border of Uganda.  It is a primitive area filled with the most beautiful people.  My assignment from God was to undergird and encourage a young pastor named Bishop Fred Kundu.  Years ago he founded a ministry called End Time Christian Warning Centre which includes End Time Academy…. a school for orphans and the most underprivileged.

It is with joy that I announce that Africa My Heart Ministries, Inc. is now international.  With the assistance of the District Chief, we are in the process of establishing an NGO in Kenya.  Bishop Fred Kundu has been appointed as our Kenya Director.  



When I returned to South Africa, I proceeded to sell or give away all but a few of my belongings, and my joy is that I will be returning to Kenya after my current stay in the States to work beside this anointed young man.  He is a true shepherd and a devoted servant in the ministry. 

How can I even describe my time there!!!  I was greeted with song and dance and so much love.  Every day was filled as we touched the hungry and needy people.  After doing a street crusade, we had to expand the mud church, as that Sunday it was so full we had to worship outside!!  Since then a second expansion has been necessary!!  Even the Academy is growing so fast, that new mud classrooms are being constructed.  The young men in the village stomp the mud to the right consistency while singing praises to our Lord. There is such joy and hope in their hearts.

Kenya April 20, 2010 orphan school 008.jpgNot one complaint did I hear while there… these people are too busy surviving, to mess with the trivial things that plague most in the privileged world.  The people are hard workers, mostly planting corn and bringing it to harvest.  Corn is their staple food source IF they have a good crop!!  They make a thick porridge called ugali from the ground corn.  Sugar cane is also grown, but it takes eighteen months from planting to harvest.  That makes for a long period of hunger in between!!  But at least these people are trying.  Not a lazy one among them!!




Health issues are prevalent in Kimilili and the surrounding towns.  Malaria takes many lives!!  While there I had malaria twice.  I am so grateful for the fervent prayers of many and I survived.  Not so with the village elder’s five year old granddaughter….. she did not last even one whole day.  It broke my heart to know that with just a phone call, we could have gotten her help… but then they had NO phone!!!  This is the rawest reality.  She was buried in her grandfather’s land.

There are so many stories to share that it could take a whole book to write it all down!! 

Everything that I was created for was brought to its fullness as I ministered with Bishop Fred.  I have known since the age of eleven that I would be in a remote village in Kenya one day.  There I am at total peace, knowing my God has equipped me and sent me to be a blessing.  Actually, the name the Kenyan people have given me is NAFULA… which means rain in the form of showers of blessing!!! 

The need in Kenya is great….. we need pure drinking water…. medical supplies for HIV and AIDS and MALARIA prevention.  We need food and clothing and bibles and school supplies.  We have projects for building more classrooms, a conference center, and mud housing.  We need fertilizer for our crops.  Please pray about partnering in this cause.  For twenty-five dollars per month, we can feed an entire family!!!  If ever there was a time to do your part in touching the poor and needy, it is now.  We need you!!! 

My time in the States has been very busy.  Recently, I had oral surgery…. five extractions and two dental implants into the lower jawbone. Even though I received tremendous financial favour  from both Christian dentists, the total dollar amount I owe could have been used to support 140 families in Kimilili.  The need for financial support is greater than ever.

Me and Pastor Fred!!!.jpg                                                                           -4-

 So for now, I am resting and recuperating and just waiting  for my release to go back to Kenya.  It is home there to me.  There is much work to do.  End Time is near!!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. 

As they say in Kenya….  Ubarikiwe sana sana…. Be greatly blessed….


Mama Julie   (as I am called in Kenya)    


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