Top Ten Videos  this week April 25, 2016

Featured Video from World for Jesus

Dr. Mike and Adelle Tour General Douglas McArthur's Suite at the Manila Hotel
This suite is reserved for Presidents and Foreign Dignitaries


Dr. Mike McKinney's interview with LT Al Schwarting, USNVR, USVJSC (Retired)
who is sharing about his brother Hugh Cameron, US Army Air Corps WWII.


Some of our Top Ten are Videos made one time but viewed by hundreds. 
We now have the potential to be seen in 110 countries via internet, cell phones and ipads. 

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at home.  We will show you how at the Christian Ministries Training Conference
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A Bonus - Paquiao vs Bradley III - Entire Boxing Match
Bro. Manny Paquiao is retiring as champion to go home to run for Senator
and serve his nation!  Pray for the Election for two candidates to win:
Cong. Manny Paquiao and the TESDAMAN Secretary Joel Villanueva!

God is placing his men in key positions!



  1. TRISKELIONTV with Atty Ramon Ocampo  University of the Philippines  (TOP VIDEO - 21 weeks)

  2.  PCULive with Dr. Adonijah Ogbonnaya   (TOP VIDEO - 21 Weeks)

  3. PCULIVE with Rabbi Rene Bloch   (TOP VIDEO  - 10 Weeks)

  4.  PCULive with Tariq Faridi (NEW to Top 10)

   5.    5ESTV The Shemitah with Barbara McCaffrey (TOP VIDEO - 5 Weeks)

    6.   PCULive with Dr. Jackie Hornsby

   7.  PBNAC with Dr. Patricia Venegas (TOP VIDEO 10 WEEKS)

   8.  PCULive with Dexter Low

   9.  PCU Live with Dr. Patricia and Pastor Ben Venegas (NEW to Top 10)

  10.   5ESTV  with Dr. Barbara McCaffrey 4th WHSIC Seoul, Korea (TOP VIDEO 2 Weeks)

For more Information:
Call Dr. Jackie Hornsby 626-657-8003 #3





Past Top Ten

PCULIVE with Dr. Mila Mercader

5ESTV with Dr. Mila Mercader

Mighty Dove TV with Dr. Mila Mercader, Year of the Jubilee (Top Video)

MightyDove TV with Dr. Mila Mercader, the Access Code 

PCULive Honoring Rev. Sam Sung Ahn

PCU Live with Bro. Eddie Villanueva

PBNMP with Dr. Mila Mercader, Broken Altars of America

  WFJTV with Barbara McCaffrey, Jesus Speaks in Parables


Jesus is Lord 37th Anniversary - Overview (TOP VIDEO)

PBNAC Behind the Scenes with Kevin Ivers (2 Weeks)

ACF West Region  Mission to Congo with Dr. Linus (2 Weeks )

PCU Live with Dr. Linus and Maureen Ojukwu (2 Weeks)

PCU Live with Bongoyok Moussa  (First Time)

PCU Live with Tim and Marcia Greenwood 

  WFJITV Baquio 2015 with Dr. Patricia Venegas

WFJITV with Dr. Barbara McCaffrey - Overcomers Part I  (TOP VIDEO)

WHSIMC Gwanju 2015 Dr. Barbara McCaffrey  Session 2

 WHSIMC Gwanju 2015 Dr. Eric Giorgio

WFJITV Baquio 2015 with Dr. Jackie Hornsby

WHSIMC Gwanju 2015 Dr. Belen Yu  Are you Ready?

WHSIMC Gwanju 2015 with Dr. Mike McKinney  

WFJITV with Dr. Barbara McCaffrey, Fresh Anointing

WFJITV with Dr. Jackie Hornsby,  In the Midst of a Storm

37th JIL Anniversary Clips  

PCULive with Pastor Marcelo Alvarado

WFJITV Baguio 2015 with Dr. Barbara McCaffrey

Dr. Mila Mercader, Kingdom Operations  

 WFJITV with Dr. Michael McKinney -Creating an Atmosphere for Divine Intervention

PCULIVE with Dr. John Mohler, M.D.  Surviving a Bioterrorist Attack

PCULive with the Late Dr. Daniel Chan

PCULIVE with Dr. Didacus Oparaocha

 PBNTV Missions with Dr. Jean Bouchebel founder of relief organization for Lebanon and refugees.

 PBNTV Manny Pacquiao & Eddie Villanueva With Dr. Mike McKinney

PCULive with Dr. David Snodderly - Missionary to Asia

PBNMC with Christian McQueen singing 

PCULIVE with Dr. Mike and Adelle, Celebrating 10 years (Oldie but goodie)

TRISKELIONTV with Pastor Glen Oyan

PBNTV Unsung Heroes, MG John Mohler, USVJSC

PCUTV WHSIM with Dr. Mike and Adelle McKinney 2013 Hawaii

 WFJITV with Rev.  Reynold Yu

PCULive with Col Ernie Pearson, USAFCAP