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Word of Faith Miracle church
Monrovia Liberia
Rev. E. Blamo Sr. Pastor


Dear Dr.Mike and Adella Mckinney.
 Greetings to you in Jesus Name
      many years ago,after an encounter with the Lord Jesus, I made an amazing discovery that every minister is endowed with limitless treasure waiting to be taped into, and also know that every invidual is born with a purpose.  I have,since then,received a God given discovery to put ministers together. This is how the fellowship came into being. It was when, I believed that one of the way of avenues for accomplishing this is through partnershiping with other pastors to fulfill God's purspose in this generation. 
     it was after the first set of our Civil War in 1999 that the young pastors of our communities came to my house at 12:00AM on Friday to talk about how the network was going to involve pastors from other local churches.  This first meeting brought together 15 pastors from 15 local churches within our communities who saw the need for the network to be established and effectively operated.  We now have 40 pastors who are actively involved in the network.  
     The vision of the network is to reach the lost in our communities, villages, counties, nations in Africa and also the world.  We re involved in crusades, seminars, conferences, planting new churches, also believing God to buidl a Bilble College for the training of our upcoming ministers.  We help the orphanages, foster homes, with clothes, food and educational materials.  We are praying to build free schools to help our local churches and communities to enable their children, who could not go to school, because of our 14 years of civil war.  They will learn computer and some vocational skills for those who can not go through the acadmic process.  
     Our purpose for networking is to impower our ministers to be able to reach the people in their local communities and it's surrounding with the good news of Jesu Christ and his Kingdom.  To network with other groups to exchange ideas on how we could have a libraries, crusades, siminars, conferences and some training programs and materials for our ministers and church workers, to be able to work and fulfill their call. 
     We ask that the Lord will grant you favor with all your partners.  Amen.
Lovely yours,
Rev. E. Worjloh Wheagba Blamo, Sr.