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 Meet the Board of  Directors
Mike McKinney, President and Founder
President and Founder of World for Jesus International Christian Center and Ministries, President of Promise Christian University and  Director of the Pastors Network of Southern California.  Chaplain (RDML) USVJSC Chaplain Corps, Chaplain (Lt Col) CAP.  President, Promise Channel.

Reynold Yu, Th. M. Vice President.  Pastors of World for Jesus International Christian Center - Covina, Co-Director of International Ministries Philippines, Board Member of Promise Christian University. Ordination Committee Members.

Adelle McKinney, Th.D. CE, Executive Pastor and Co-Founder World for Jesus International Christian Center and Ministries, VP Marketing Promise Christian University, Director, Promise Channel, Governor of NANOE.

Belen Yu, Th. M., Pastor World for Jesus International Christian Center and Ministries; Financial Services Director at Promise Christian University, Director of World for Jesus Missions, Philippines

Belen Kuwaye, Th.M, B.S.  Senior Pastor and Founder of Faith in Christ South Bay, Board Member of the Pastors Network.Inc. and World for Jesus International.


Advisor: Enrico Giorgio, M. Ed. Senior VP and Provost of Promise Christian University.

Advisor:  Dexter Low, Latter Rain Ministries

Dr. Michael McKinney, World for Jesus, Pasadena
Dr. Adelle McKinney, World for Jesus, Pasadena
Pastor Reynold Yu, World for Jesus, Covina
Dr. Belen Yu, World for Jesus, Covina
Pastor Belen Kuwaye, Faith in Christ South Bay
Rev. Robert Villaneuva, Faith in Christ South Bay
Dr. Forrest Turpen, Christian Educators Assn. Int'l
Dr. Patricia Venegas, Without Spot or Wrinkle, LaVerne
Rev. Ben Venegas, Without Spot or Wrinkle, LaVerne
Rev. Barbara McCaffrey, World for Jesus, Covina
CH Terry McCaffrey, World for Jesus, Covina
Dr. Larry Montgomery, Promise Christian University, Pasadena
Dr. Manny and Letty Chata, HomeTown Missions for Christ, Palmdale
Rev. Raymundo Mananes, World for Jesus, Baquio 2013
Rev. Deborah E. Mathew, 2015
World for Jesus Philippines
Rev. Patricio Lawaguey
Rev. Andrew Bandiwan
Revs. Mayo and Dominga Santiago
Rev. Lilia Yonga-an
Rev. Daniel Dalgo
Rev. Deborah Matthew
Dr. Jackie Hornsby, Chosen Generation Ministry


Members with the Lord

February 2016 - LaPointe, Norma, D.D.  She took the place of Dr. Ernie LaPointe and did an outstanding job. She was our nation's oldest evangelist who traveled to Korea in 2014.  Her messages are still available on  / pbntv  Her homegoing was on Good Friday, March 25, 2016. 

April 2010 -  LaPointe, Ernest, D.D.  Chairman of the Ordination Committee, World for Jesus Ministers Association.  Dr. Ernie was another awesome individual who touched our lives.  He and his wife, Norma started attending our church in 2004.  Dr. Ernie was a retired engineer, pastor, television host, bookstore owner, and finally served briefly on the think tank of Magnetrain. he was author of a little book that has touched the world on Faith!  He raised 10 children, one of which Rev. Barbara McCaffrey is ordained with World for Jesus and is an invited international speaker as well as her mother, Dr. Norma LaPointe who serves on the board of World for Jesus International.

 Lee Wheatley, M.TH., D.D. Senior Pastor and Founder of Joy Christian Center, Duarte, CA   Went home to be with the Lord, August 26, 2005.  We met Pastor Lee in 1975 or so El Monte, California when we were pastors of a small church in El Monte and had a tiny bookstore.  Pastor Lee would come and chat with Mike McKinney and Adelle for hours and always buy a book whether he wanted one or not. During that time he was attend Melodyland School of the Bible. He later founded Joy Christian Center in Arcadia first and finally move to Duarte.  Dr. Lee was a true friend to everyone he met.  His testimony should be written into a book and made into a movie! 

Dr. Mack Sutherland, Founding Pastor Abundant Life Ministries, San Diego, CA; North American Crusade Coordinator for World Evangelism.  Dr. Sutherland served as a founding member of the World for Jesus International Fellowship Advisory Board.  He and his wife, Shirley, assisted in formulating the policy of this organization for which we are eternally grateful. Dr. Sutherland went home to be with the Lord on December 3, 2000.   Dr. Sutherland's message famous message was on how one telephone call can change our life and ministry.  He was a great friend to Dr. Mike McKinney.  In the late 1980's Dr. Morris Cerullo planned a miracle rally at the
old Olympic Auditorium.  His challenge was to have two interpreters one Korean and one Hispanic.And his other challenge was to enlist the help of as many churches as possible to promote the event.  Our church hosted the flyers and posters. It was awesome.  The event was packed out and never had they had three interpreters at once!  Dr. Mack Sutherland was an awesome man of God who really and truly made an impact for Jesus Christ during his lifetime.

Rev. Victor Nituda.  Minister Nituda was Assistant to President Ferdinand Marcos during the 1970's until the coup in 1986.  After Minister Nituda retired from office, he received credentials from this ministry as a licensed minister of the Gospel.  Rev. Victor Nituda was Minister of Transportation and Associate Minister of Immigration for the nation of the Philippines.  He served his nation with honor and distinction.  And through his years he assisted many ministries in the Philippines.  In 1979, he came to our first crusade in Bocaue.  He saw signs, wonders and miracles in that little plaza.  In 1980, he was the one responsible for moving our crusade team from a very seedy hotel to the Hyatt which we will never forget his kindness.  Over the years, he has helped the body of Christ with many, many meetings in the Philippines.  He is one of God's unsung heroes, who's life was completely turned around when he met the Master.

Rev. Mervyn Kuwaye, Co Founder Faith in Christ Church South Bay


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