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Giving that makes a difference in a missionary's life

There are many missions agencies out there doing wonderful work supported by million dollar foundations, grants, endowments.

Who is a missionary?  Someone who is called out 
to go and plant a new work in a new city, state, or nation!

But there are also some hometown missionaries who are doing 
a tremendous work for Christ and who are living totally by faith.
If you want to know who we recommend you send a generous donation to:

Dr. Elmer Jackson
c/o Christ Extended Hand Church and Men's Home
13212 Francisquito Ave.
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Write to Dr. Jackson 

Dr. Elmer and Dr. Claudia Jackson have been pillars in the city of Baldwin Park  for years.  The Men's home that they founded is funded totally 100% by faith.  Since they began, hundreds of men's lives have been transformed from drugs, crime, and various unsundry 
things into men of God.  It is amazing what these two special people have accomplished without much if any help from the government, only with God's help.  We would highly recommend you giving a generous donation so that they can continue on in their wonderful work.
25 Years of serving God in Baldwin Park is a long time.  Now it is time for God to pour in his blessings and assistance to lighten their load and ease the burden!  Two great and outstanding
people who have sacrificed their all for the sake of others!

does not receive anything for services.
We just provide the connection!


We thank you so much for giving!
Your little give will make a difference in someone's life today!